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Testimonials: Testimonials

I started training with Meg during my 8 week challenge at Hiit Geebung. It was a last minute ‘maybe I should PT this week, it can be an extra work out for me to claim’ but pretty quickly I knew I wanted to make it a weekly thing- and over 6 months later I’m still turning up every Thursday morning. It is the most consistent I’ve ever been with any form of exercise and as much as I’d like to claim that it is a credit to me for being disciplined, it’s truly a credit to Meg for creating an environment that encourages and inspires others to turn up and do their best.

I honestly feel like I’m training with a friend, our sessions are always fun and full of laughs yet I leave feeling stronger, happier, energised and genuinely revitalised - regardless of how I felt before our session (which is often tired and stressed). I thrive in a positive environment and I constantly feel encouraged but never pushed to lift heavier, try harder and meet my own goals, not expectations set by someone else.

Meg- I’m so grateful I’ve found an amazing PT and friendship through 6am sessions with you. Thank you for being you!


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