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The gym, focusing on group training and functional fitness, is an expansion of the much loved local personal
training studio, Lift by Zivkofit, which has made a significant indent in the local fitness scene since opening its
doors on Knox Street in April 2022.

Lift by Zivkofit has quickly become known as a safe, supportive and motivating space for its increasing member
base. The introduction of its second space, Lift HQ, allows for larger group style training and regular gym


The new gym boasts state-of-the-art equipment and classes carefully designed to enhance functional
movement patterns and improve overall fitness, whilst creating a strong, encouraging community.
In line with the values of Lift by Zivkofit personal training studio, Lift HQ seeks to differentiate itself from the
impersonal atmosphere often associated with chain gyms, emphasising the importance of a personal touch,
community feel and focus on positive mindset.


Both Lift by Zivkofit and Lift HQ aim to empower its members to excel in their day-to-day lives, whether it's
chasing after children, excelling in sports, or simply enjoying an active lifestyle.


Behind the remarkable growth and success of Lift stands a visionary leader, Meg Zivkovic. Fueled by her own
personal journey and a burning desire to help others unlock their full potential, Meg made the courageous
decision to leave her leadership role in the corporate world and embark on a path dedicated to transforming
lives through health and fitness.


Meg's own experience with the transformative power of fitness became the catalyst for Lift by Zivkofit's
inception. Overcoming personal obstacles and discovering the immense benefits of physical activity, she
recognised the need for a fitness studio that not only provided effective training but also fostered a supportive
and empowering environment.


Through her leadership, Meg has fostered a tight-knit community at Lift by Zivkofit by creating a space where
members can connect, inspire, and motivate each other. Meg has cultivated an environment that transcends
mere fitness sessions. Her business has become somewhere individuals feel supported, understood, and
encouraged to reach new heights in their fitness and mindset journeys.


As Lift expands into a functional training gym, Lift HQ, Meg’s passion for empowering others remains at the
core of the business.


The new gym space serves as a hub for like-minded individuals to connect, support one another, and share
their fitness journeys. With smaller class sizes, members can forge stronger relationships with trainers and
fellow participants, creating a supportive and motivating environment that encourages growth and

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